Be On Time-Wake Up Sleepyhead, Hypnosis Download by Wendi Friesen

$14.90 $29.90

Never be late again.

Be early and feel great! AND another hypnosis session to make you love getting up in the morning, bounce out of bed, feel alert and happy.

Two great hypnotherapy sessions, INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Was $29, Now Only $14.90! 

Be On Time!


Wake Up Sleepyhead

Are you chronically late?

Have you blown great opportunities because of bad planning?

Do you procrastinate and always feel unprepared and frazzled?

This is your lucky day! 

If you are chronically late and are frustrated and always feeling bad about apologizing for being late, it is time to change. You can be on time, and you can feel good about it. 

Your life will be sooooo much easier when you arrive early for every appointment and have plenty of time to spare for the unexpected events along the way. When you get this new habit in place, you will feel excited about arriving early.
Really, you will. 

You will be jumping up and down with glee as you arrive early and on time for everything.
Nothing frees up your emotional, creative, and mental energy like being on time.

You will thank me for this one!
This Session will hypnotize you to love arriving early. I promise.

Wake Up Sleepyhead

Program your mind to wake up alert and energized in the morning.

In this session you will program your wake up time and ask your brain to begin to emerge before you actually awaken. When it is time for you to be awake, you will be very alert and energized and ready to jump out of bed!


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