Sweet Dreams- Get Thin While You Sleep- download

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Sweet Dreams

A very unique way to make massive changes as you sleep

Now, new release! Re-recorded, remastered.
Fall asleep to this, get the all new version today.

In addition to using this for sleep, you can play it in the background while doing your computer work, at your office, or anytime you want to infuse your day with an amazing eyes open or closed trance! I recently listened to it while on my computer, just let it play in the background. What a trip! I felt amazing changes happening.  Seriously, get this.

But please, NEVER listen while driving.
(The results of our Sweet Dreams test groups were overwhelmingly successful. The survey of people using this for one week exceeded our expectations. Try it!)

Release Fat, love yourself more, commit to exercise, get excited about eating healthy foods, stop sugar cravings and so much more. You will love these new and unusual hypnosis sessions.

Research shows that getting good sleep, and plenty of it, can help you lose weight. And not getting enough sleep makes you fat.
So... I created 8 sessions that are used while you fall asleep. Each one is a different topic and has double voice sessions that implant the suggestions for weight issues right smack into your brain.

Not only do you lose the fat but you sleep like a frikken rock.
It is a combo made in heaven, don't you agree?

There are sessions for losing sugar cravings, wanting to workout, getting committed, pumping up your metabolism and oh so much more. (I did one about loving yourself that brought tears to my eyes)

As you drift off to sleep do something really amazing for your body and mind, and wake up with a new sense of control.

Each night you can choose a new session, since this package has all of these-

Love to Exercise- Your mind will be programmed to crave exercise and feel good about it!
In Control
- Feel a new sense of being in control about what you eat and making healthy choices
Sugar- Stop sugar cravings, turn off the desire for sweets, feel the desire for healthy foods and fresh foods
Muscle- Grow muscle, program your brain to want exercise, build muscle faster.
Parts- Self Sabotage is a big problem with weight loss, this 'parts' therapy will release your sabotage and put you back on track.
Metabolism- Fire up your fat burning ability, programming your body to increase the metabolism.
Self Esteem- Self love, self respect and feeling good about who you are is a special experience. You will love this!
Spirit Wisdom- Connect with your higher wisdom to find spiritual balance with having your lean, healthy body.

Eight sessions worth $29.90 each, for only $89.90! $49

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