Perpetual Piehole and Fire Your Fat - Download by Wendi Friesen

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Fire Your Fat


Perpetual Piehole




People lose weight with hypnosis.
Creating the state of mind and body for weight loss is great assisted with meditation and hypnotherapy.

Wendi's hypnotherapy sessions are nothing short of a miracle. No matter how hard, hopeless or frustrating your weight struggle has been, it is time for a big change!

This is another session that will put voices in your head... healthy voices that tell you what you really do want! Exercise, health, fresh air, water!

For this session you can close your eyes, or keep them open - either way it’s fine. 

Fire Your Fat- This one is asking your fat cells to SkeeDaddle! Will it work? You might feel a need to exercise much more and get moving! This session will do amazing things to your body. I know you will be so very glad you experienced it.

Use it over and over!

Perpetual Piehole - This is a session that will make you want to drink water, take a walk, get away from the fridge and only eat when you are hungry.

Does the new voice in your head tell you that you want something fresh and healthy?

Is the voice there guiding you and creating strength, keeping you on track?

This will amaze you, as you notice your toughest behaviors changing and that VOICE changing to one that is your friend, your mentor, your strength!

Find out why Wendi's Hypnotic weight loss programs are the best in the world.

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