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Take it on. The mind game is the most important game.

This hypnosis method will put you in the zone, when you need it most. Discover how powerful you can be when you have implanted the anchors and triggers for accessing your zone state. Overcome fears, anxiety and nerves. Play your best when you need it most. Six sessions of state of the art sports hypnosis Free throw accuracy Power Defense Instinct, Speed Winning Belief Banish Fear Anchoring the Zone state... and more.

How does it work? In hypnosis, your subconscious mind will accept suggestions, create powerful anchors and change the way your brain operates while you are playing basketball. The anchors that are set in the mind (during hypnosis) connect to a state that is a combination of physiology, heightened mental focus, and a core belief that you are the best and that you deserve to win.

Professional athletes use hypnosis to access their winning belief during play. That ability to create powerful triggers can pull you out of a slump, overcome fatigue, and put you back in your game.

On Fire!
Turn your game on, instantly. Get fired up and strong and unstoppable. This hypnosis session will make you stronger than you have ever been.
Anger Into Excellence
If you get angry your focus is gone. This session will make you instantly transform a moment of anger on the court, to a serious state of focus.
Ultimate Intimidation
Put on your game face and be a force that makes your opponents weaker and afraid of you when they see your face. Your posture, your stance, and your look will all communicate the strength of your gamr. Intimidation starts before the game starts.

Free Throw Accuracy
Create triggers in your mind for accuracy in your free throws. No matter how important the shot is, you will have nerves of steel and feel the strength of your shot. Your subconsciuos mind will have a trigger that initiates the effortlessness of the free throw so you can have the point when it matters the most.
Believe You're the Best
Do you deserve to win? Many athletes have some negative programming from past failures that kicks in during games. In this hypnosis session you will be taken to your core belief to find any issues that might be lurking, that create conflicts about winning.
Power Programming
Find your most powerful game, and program your inner mind to access that power everytime you hit the court. You will strengthen the belief that you deserve to win, while anchoring an intense power into your game.

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