I'm Good- Hypnosis Download

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I'm Good

Are you snacking like crazy and gaining weight?

Is your mindless eating making you consume 1000s of extra calories a day?

Are you trying everything to get committed to exercise every day, but still couch bound?

It is time to STOP.

You have to get conscious!
Think before you grab that next snack. Stop the cycle of mindless eating and create a massive change of attitude and actions.

Wouldn't it be so great if this could happen for you... and happen automatically?

Here's the problem with mindless eating-
Every time you see a snack or platter of food your brain goes into an unconscious state that takes you down a path

See the Food--> Imagine how it will taste--> Get it into my mouth now.

Your brain does not even check to see if you are hungry or if you actually want that food.

Let's Change It!

Let's make that unconscious process go down an entirely different path.

See the Food--> Notice that you are not hungry--> Feel the love for your healthy body--> Instantly forget about the food--> Reach for something healthy or drink water

AND what if you could instantly have a craving for the nutritious foods- the veggies, fruits, proteins and fresh cool water that will increase your metabolism and make you feel energized.

Let's do this with hypnosis!

In these hypnosis sessions, I have created an process that will make you stop the mindless eating.

We create a switch in your brain that is below your conscious awareness that will stop the old habits and make you consciously (and unconsciously) reach for healthy food and completely forget about stuffing more sugary and fatty foods into your mouth.

And a super cool part- this session implants your FUTURE body, all thin, lean, strong and flexible... at 1 month in the future, 2 months, 3 months and 6 months. The future images, feelings and projections are KEY to making you lose the weight.

I'm Good
1. A Full length session to do the job on installing the switch

2. Reinforcement quicky. This is a really cool HypnoQuickie, A Short, 4 minute session to refresh and reboot your brain when you feel any slippage. (this session will totally reinforce the feelings and reactions you created in session 1)

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