PK-Brain Booster - Hypnosis Download by Wendi Friesen

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Brain Booster
Pocket Therapist


Put these short brainstorm sessions on phone. In just three minutes you will be ready to go and feeling great.

Yes, that’s right.
I plan to enlarge and engorge, and even engage….



One of my loyal subjects suggested that I work on a brain expansion technique so you can use more of the supposed grey matter that you have.

If it is true that you only use 10% of your brain (who makes up this stuff?) then perhaps is it possible to use a little more. I have done 3 minute sessions to expand and enhance your brain.

Introduction to Brain Expansion- Start here to learn how to energize and balance your brain, instantly.

Physical abilities- which will be great for sports and endurance and strength.

Mental acuity- which will make you sharper and have a better memory and do complex brain tasks.

Emotional balance- Become instantly more loving, understanding and emotionally connected.

Spiritual moment-  Go for a moment of bliss, or enlightenment or connect with your higher self or your higher power.

Instant Awakening- Surge of energy, alert and ready, thoughts flow, ideas come easily.

I hope you enjoy this. It should give your brain a pretty good buzz. Let me know what you think!

Enjoy the engorgement!

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