The Swish Pro- Hypnosis download

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The Swish Pro
This is a brain changer. Not kidding. Read every word.

This powerful NLP process is now infused with the brain changing method that only Wendi can add.
When you put yourself in trance and experience the process, you are releasing the old patterns and triggers and replacing them with the new feelings, beliefs and emotions.

This will blow you away.
Your brain stores memories that create conflicts. The automatic triggers that make you fall back into your old habits are the result of hard-wired experiences- things like emotions, anger, blame, guilt, embarrassment, humiliation. The brain easily accesses these negative emotions associated with the memories and activates the neural activity in your brain.

Now, you are really trying hard to overcome a problem.
You are using your best willpower and keeping your commitment.

Is your brain in agreement with what you are trying to change?

Think about it.
This Super Swish process replaces the negative, habitual struggle that is stored in your brain. And the really cool part is how it infuses and imprints your brain with the new attitude, new habit, emotions, feelings, future vision and so much more.

Now, here is the really fascinating thing about this.
If the OLD behavior or emotion is triggered, your brain will follow the same path to access all those negative feelings and conflicts. But now the NEW information, feelings, emotions, and power are triggered.

Make sense?
This New Super Swish Pro is the absolute best way to eliminate willpower because you are going to experience an entirely new feeling- physically, emotionally, mentally... even spiritually.

What will you change?

Habits, addictions, compulsive thoughts?
(yes, even OCD has been helped with this process)
Frustration, anger, bad temper, extreme stress?
Fear, shyness, lack of confidence, severe phobias?
Feelings of being stuck, scared, procrastination?

Try it on everything. Seriously. You might be amazed.

Oh, and here is the best part.
This is where this Swish is Wendi-fied!
At the end of the NLP process, you are going to be totally immersed in the final experience.

You will be taken inside of the new experience, but not just to "visualize" it. You will be
taken into it to live it. Breathe it. Believe it. This experience will feel bigger than life.

You will create entirely new beliefs about yourself, your abilities, and your potential. And you will probably feel a huge surge of energy as a result.

Could you use a new surge of energy to fuel your life?

During this immersion, your brain is actually starting to rewire the way it accesses the information.
Not only does this feel like the most blissful experience ever, it is making hard-wired changes in your brain.

And that is where the miracles happen.

This is the special infusion that makes this the  Swish Pro powerful.

You can use it on everything. Any problem you don't like, any feeling that is bugging you, any major life issue that has you stuck. Even addictions are miraculously transformed with this. In fact, EVERYONE who has an addiction should be required to do this process.

I know you are going to treasure this program -- Wendi

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