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Three New beautiful things that will change you.
Jewels of Change
Each of these bracelets is connected with a unique hypnotic meditation that has a message of change, inspiration or renewal.
This is a Great Gift!
Each comes in a gift box, with a certificate to download the hypnosis session that goes with the bracelet.
Listen to it.
Connect with it.
Feel the change when you wear the bracelet.

Anchors are powerful ways to direct our subconscious mind to make deep changes, remember something important or to let go of stress or worry. The bracelet is the anchor. It embodies and carries the experience that you have during the hypnosis meditation session.

Three beautiful new bracelets -
Leather "Breath of Silence" (great for father's day)
Jasper Jeweled "Tree of Life"
"Red Recharge" to energize any change you want to make.
See them all here- clickety click

Luck of Your Life 7 Days Addiction Freedom Training Live
List Price: $97.00
Our Price: $97.00
List Price: $1,990.00
Our Price: $1,900.00
Sale Price: $1,290.00
You save $700.00!
The Utlimate Hypnosis program for amazing luck. Change your bad luck into good. It is a 7 day challenge to find out just how lucky you can be. This is Wendi's Addiction Freedom LIVE TRAINING In cities around the world.
Alcohol Freedom Hypnosis Program SomnuLucent: The Solution for Insomnia - Download
Our Price: $147.00
Sale Price: $97.00
You save $50.00!
Our Price: $117.00
Sale Price: $49.90
You save $67.10!
quit drinking with hypnosis
Alcohol Freedom-
A powerful method to stop problem drinking.
SomnuLucent Solution for Insomnia
ZEN OF THIN - DVD Program Download
Our Price: $149.90
Sale Price: $59.90
You save $90.00!
Zen Of Thin Download set the entire audio and video program

Alcohol and Drug addiction with Hypnotherapy
Quit Drinking, Quit drug abuse with hypnosis. It is amazing how well it works, yet most people don't know that they can be hypnotized to stop drug and alcohol addiction. Alcoholism is not a disease and you are not powerless. Find out why...

Addiction Help!

My mission is to change the way the world treats addiction.
Game on! And I need your help.
My training is coming to several cities worldwide.

In 3 days you will learn to use my proven, powerful and permanent method to stop addiction thoughts, cravings and relapse.
You will not be "treating addiction", but you will be preventing relapse and you will be the person that everyone is talking about. Clients will love you. Treatment centers will invite you to come and do training sessions with their resident clients. Doctors will finally have confidence when they refer their patients to you for drug and alcohol issues.

This is a big opportunity and you can find out why might be the best part of your practice in Hypnotherapy and NLP. You will help a lot of people, save families, enlighten the medical community and inspire the rehab centers to do something that really works.

I NEED YOU to be trained and ready. This program will be implemented in centers around the world and it will be a powerful and rewarding career move.
Get on board today. There is nothing else like it!

With much excitement,


Today's Super Deal!

Somnulucent Solution for Insomnia

Our Price: $117.00
Sale Price: $49.90
You save $67.10!
SomnuLucent Solution for Insomnia

Top Sellers

Stop Smoking Hypnosis CDs, quit smoking
Sale Price: $39.90
Zen of Thin
Sale Price: $79.90
Stop Smoking Hypnosis Download
Sale Price: $39.90

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Apple of Your Eye, stop cravings, Download
Sale Price: $7.00
Get Raw, hypnosis to make you love eating raw food
Sale Price: $7.00
Emotional Dump
Sale Price: $7.00
I'm Good. Hypnosis for weight loss
Sale Price: $9.90
Think and grow rich
Our Price: $19.99

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