Best Sleep Ever- Hypnosis Download by Wendi Friesen

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Best Sleep Ever! Hypnotic solution to make you sleep deep.

Tossing and turning?
Waking at night and can't go back to sleep?
Worried you won't sleep again tonight?

New Hypnosis session.
This one is magical. It is made to reach deep into your subconscious mind, stop the worry and fear of that impending sleep doom, turn off your mind, help you to achieve that nirvana that you so deserve... and get you to sleep.

This is my newest creation.
One long session, about 40 minutes.
Isochronic beats to relax your brain like a monk.
Here's how it works.
- I gently hypnotize you
- You are in a busy department store
- Voices, activity and noise on this floor of the store
- You take the escalator down one floor (and what a magical escalator this is!)
- The Next floor down is a little more quiet, with much to contemplate
- You hear a piano, you gaze upon beautiful art, you see shiny things
- Your brain slows down, your mind lets go
- You take another intriguing escalator down to the next floor
- People are looking at meditation pillows, reading, silently thinking
- There's a tonic bar on this floor, you get your custom sleep elixir from a wise sage
- Take another magical escalator down to the ultimate deep sleep floor
- This floor has luxurious beds, fluffly pillows and a soft energy of sleep
- You are so tired, you can barely make it to the wonderful, perfect bed just for you
- You Sleep! And while you sleep I get busy with your subconscious mind
- Gentle suggestions float in and out of the music, telling your brain to sleep all night
- My voice and the music will be trailing off slowly, as I infuse your inner mind.
- Positive thoughts and phrases will rock you gently to sleep

AND you awaken in the morning and shout to the world-


You open your eyes, jump out of bed, do a little dance, go and kiss your dog and your neighbor and feel the way you are supposed to feel after a your BEST SLEEP EVER!

Awakening at night?
The Best Thing Ever- The best part about this hypnosis session is how it will let you fall back asleep so easily. Even if you usually get up, go pee, or toss and turn... this time you will fall back asleep right away, with a big smile.

The Suggestions-
As you are falling asleep my suggestions continue. I let your inner mind know that you will sleep deep, all through the night. If you awaken, you will simply fall right back asleep (even after you get up to pee if needed) and the feeling of the pillow on your cheek will take you into your deep sleep.
MORE- In the last few minutes, before it trails off slowly, I have some sweet and simple words for you.
"You are happy" "You are kind" "You are generous" " You are grateful" "You are loving" and so on.
Nothing too mind bending, just some good words that we can all enjoy hearing, that help to release some of the other little voices in your head.

The Music-
We start with some soothing music with isochronic beats. Isochronic beats help your brain to slow down, let go and create a balanced brain wave pattern.
Going down the escalator you hear a soft humming music that further intensifies the relaxing ride down, down, down.
On the art floor, the music floats into a creative space in your mind with a piano playing softly. As you go to the meditation and tonic floor, the tones are crystal bowls that have a light meditative sound. The escalator again has a soothing hum that takes you deeper and deeper and as you arrive at the floor with the beds, you are taking in the gentle music that is lighter than air and fills your mind with bliss.

I CAN'T WAIT to hear how this changes your night time ritual and your most important part of your day.

Insomnia is a BEAST. I have helped thousands of people end their insomnia. You can stop nightmares, have pleasant dreams and get the healthy and restorative sleep that you are supposed to have every night.

You can do this tonight!
Download the MP3 and get busy sleeping like a little lamb.

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