Quantum Manifesting Video Seminar- Instant Streaming

$39.90 $99.00


Wendi Friesen and Bruce Muzik! 

Fulfill Your Dreams Through Effortless Living

You are in for a really big change.
Finally, your mind altering, belief bending, freedom inducing, wealth manifesting experience awaits!  

This seminar video has been expertly edited to give you the best experience. 

What will you learn?
What will you experience?
How will it change you?

Learn the science of manifesting, the quantum physics of how our thoughts and intentions and focus can change how our world reacts to our vision.

Experience hypnosis sessions that take you deeper into the manifesting experience.

Discover Bruce's unique and inspiring work that makes him a riveting and motivating instructor.

SIX HOURS! The best trainers, the immersive experience, the powerful change that you will take into your life. 

Say YES... here we go!!!! 
Experience your potential for effortless living.
Manifesting your desires is quite simple once you know the right way. 
Combined with transformational mental techniques and fun classroom exercises, this video contains everything you need to know so YOU can turn your wildest dreams into reality. 

What will you experience?

Live a Quantum Life
Miracles, Effortless Living, Quantum physics
Your Mind and Your Reality- Quantum Programming
Stop Self Sabotage- Blast through your limits
Journey Into the Future-
Supercharge Your Life- Become Unstoppable
Hypnosis - Parallel World and Meet Your Amazing Self
Magnificence- The Ultimate System
The Challenge- Inspired Action and Your Unlimited Life


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