Hypno Mojo sexual enhancement for men DVD- by Wendi Friesen

$18.00 $99.00

Was $99, now only $18!

Hypno Mojo Mega

Learn how to really touch a woman


Are you insecure about your romantic skills?

Is your sex drive in need of an overhaul?

Do you want the girls coming back for more?

Hypno Mojo Mega just might help you overcome sexual fears, impotence, insecurity and make become a better lover.

Only $29.90 for this live changing experience.

sessions on one DVD, 30 minutes each.
click here to Learn more about this at the Mojo Website.
click here to Watch the video, a real tease.

Yes it is titillating, and well ...stimulating, more so than anyone expected.

This might be the most erotic and hypnotic DVD you will ever watch!

  1. a) overcome fears of impotence
    b) increase your libido and restore a healthy sex drive
    c) become an amazing lover that will make her want you more every day

    You will Keep your Eyes Wide Open as I hypnotize you while watching the video. You will have no trouble keeping your eyes open for this. Trust me.

All the while I will seriously implant suggestions into your eagerly awaiting subconscious mind and make you a man among men.

Trust me, you will never be the same.


Session 1

Hypno Mojo.
The voice penetrating your subconscious mind as you watch the video to elevate your libido. (same as in the Basic version)

Session 2

Layered Voice.
surround sound, stimulating your deepest senses with voices that are interlaced in a dance in your brain. Very hypnotic. No man has ever been able to stay conscious during Wendi's double voice inductions. Use headphones to really feel it.

Session 3

Subliminal Whispers.
Subliminal whispers, barely audible, are layered into the audio of this version. You watch the video, and you will hear the main voice giving you confidence as a wonderful lover, learning to please a woman instinctively- while your subconscious mind will absorb the deeper messages that will give you sexual confidence.

During this video, you will also be subjected to visual subliminal messages that will appear briefly on the screen. It's all good. Really good.

Session 4

During this session you will be asked to close your eyes at several points in the video. As the video fades out you will notice your eyes closing on Wendi's command and your mind going deeper.

When you open your eyes, the video continues and you use an anchor (like touching your ring, or a thumb and finger, or earlobe) that connects the feelings, emotions, and physiology for an amplified sexual state. If you are using this program to overcome impotence this anchor would be used later as a trigger to stimulate your mind and body.

If you are using it to be a better lover you would use the trigger to put you into that intuitive state, able to breathe, touch and connect with your lover.


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