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Love Thyself

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Do you struggle with Self Esteem... unsure about what it will take to love yourself?

Are your commitments and Resolutions doomed to failure?

Have you made the same promise to yourself year after year?

Are you feeling discouraged before you start?

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

It's not that we want to fail, it is just that there are so many memories in our past that identify us with failure when we have tried to change a bad habit or make a big change.

Our brain looks for evidence to find out if we are likely to succeed or fail at the new commitment.

New Years is a great time to make a new resolution, but why do we wait for New Year's day? What if you could just make the resolution have amazing sticking power each and every day?

Are you struggling with self esteem because you break your word with yourself?

We put ourselves down, compare ourselves to others, reinforce our failures and beat ourselves up.
Well, I say it is time to be nicer to numero uno, your sweet little self.

Your self esteem is determined by your integrity and your ability to keep your word. And what is more important in keeping your word than than the commitments you make to yourself. Nothing is more important.

Get a firm grip on resolutions and follow this simple system to create, reinforce and activate your resolutions each month.

You will be a human dynamo.
This program is is going to make you have a subconsciously renewable commitment that happens every month, every week and every day. The really good news is that you won't have to struggle. Just listen and let it happen.

If this sounds like a really great way to get your mind, body and soul in shape this year... you should download this now!

1 Intro to self talk

2 What to say when you talk to yourself- a great hypnosis session that will change the way you talk to yourself. Self talk is a powerful motivator or de-motivator. This will stop you from saying the negative words and the thoughts that are bringing you down. Next, this program will make you automatically create a positive thought to replace the old one and you will start feeling better almost instantly.

3 Resolution activator- This will do it! Throw away your resolutions and start having a deep sense of integrity with your commitments. Make it easy by releasing the old programming and renewing your commitments every day!

Get this one if you are serious about making a big change, ending a bad habit or getting in shape and loving yourself more.

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