Love The Stage- Performance hypnosis, download

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End Stage Fright
Overcome the fear of public speaking

Hypnosis can make you a fearless presenter and a charismatic speaker!

If you are an actor, speaker, presenter. teacher, musician, singer, or anyone with a need to perform on stage, you need this program.
The first session is about 25 minutes and will take you through the transformation process to be fully confident in your specific situation.
Your mind will be conditioned to do the short sessions, which are meant to be used right before your show or speech or performance, and make you ready to rock  in only 3 minutes.

Love the Stage -

In this long session you will give a brilliant speech, Sing your heart out, Dance like a pro, or perform like a star.

Your audience will yearn for more as you inspire them with your confidence and natural style on stage. Use this to calm your nerves and become an excellent speaker or performer.

Next use the pocket power sessions for a quick pick me up- Each session is only 3 minutes long and can be loaded onto a personal music player. Plug in the headphones and you will prepare to make a very fast shift in your state of mind.

Relaxed and Magnificent-

Put your mind into the state that you need just before speaking. You will be relaxed, spontaneous and excited about getting on stage.

Connect & Inspire-

When you look in the eyes of your audience, you will see warmth, connection, and increase your confidence. The eyes in  the audience become your trigger to relax and love being on stage.

Borrowed Genius-

Choose a person that you know, who is an excellent speaker or performer. When you put yourself into their mind and body, you will absorb the strength, charisma and feel completely at home on stage.

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