Addiction Freedom - Hypnosis CD by Wendi Friesen

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Addiction Freedom

Addiction treatment is difficult.

This hypnosis session is not the cure for addiction, but it is a helpful way to give you more confidence, create a belief that you can get clean and stay clean and change the deep triggers in your brain.

When you use hypnotherapy to strengthen your commitment to get off drugs and alcohol, you actually make permanent and powerful changes in your subconscious mind.

When you use this Hypnosis session you will be in control of your behavior and remove the addictive triggers that are holding you back.

Feel a sense of ease and freedom from what you thought you were addicted to. You will walk through a door into a new state of mind that will put you at ease about no longer having a struggle.

Your mind will be given a trigger that anytime you walk through a doorway you enter that state of ease and feel an immediate sense of freedom to make smart choices. You can use this for alcohol, substances, even habits or behaviors like nail biting, anger, or emotions that you feel you have been addicted to.

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Addiction Freedom session

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